wifi network password problem

  nobbyhigo 26 Jan 12

I cant get my grandsons laptop to connect to my wifi It comes up with network pass needs to be 40 or 10 bit depending on config i know its right its fine on mine ,Both are hp510c on xp home. am i missing something simple

  Zak 26 Jan 12

Have you ensured that the router is in pairing mode when connecting grandson's laptop?

  nobbyhigo 26 Jan 12

sorry what is pairing mode . i do know it connects to a un secured in the area but not my pass protected

  Zak 26 Jan 12

What router are you using? Google for instructions and also you may need to change the security mode WEP or WPA.

Pairing mode allows the router to accept a WIFI connection the additional hardware. I am not sure if this is the case for your router.

  nobbyhigo 26 Jan 12

router is netgear dg 834g thing is my i touch connects to mine straight away still i will have a fiddle with the security settings

  Zak 26 Jan 12

DG834G Reference Manual

Have a look at Chapter 4 - Wireless configuration.

  iscanut2 26 Jan 12

When the laptop searches for a connection, it will find your router and you then have to enter the password or encryption key sequence that you would have set up on your pc when configuring the router. Log in to your router. the address will be probably ( enter this where you would normally enter the www. address of a web site. Enter the relevant password, default password is normally admin. Select Wireless settings and look at the section headed WEP or WPA security key.. The password sequence will be shown as Key 1. This is the sequence that your grandsons laptop is looking for. Zak has also pointed you to the relevant section of the manual which will help.

  iscanut2 01 Feb 12

Has this problem been sorted ?


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