wifi connection problems... please help!!

  MikeyA 10:49 10 Jul 09


I have a hp g6000 with vista that will not connect wirelessly to ANY router. but it will connect via ethernet and works fine. It finds wireless networks but will not establish connection via wifi. i also have another vista laptop that does connect. set up to wpa but tried wep and even turned encryption off and it will still not connnect.

the other things that i have done so far:
re formatted
updated wireless adapter driver
disabled ipv6
manually set up ip address, dns etc.
turned windows firewal off
uninstalled norton

please help guys i am at my witts end here..


  L8-tian 21:59 10 Jul 09

Click on start - Go to control panel -- Double click on network and sharing center.
You can find Network discovery and password sharing.Make sure these 2 options are "on".
Try yo connect to your network.

Let me know the status.

Thank you!!!

  MikeyA 13:24 12 Jul 09

these options are not there as i am not connected to a network

  birdface 21:27 15 Jul 09

Use a wired connection temporarily and follow L8_
tians directions and after you have done it reboot your computer and see if it works.I have been trying to get my grandaughters G6000 WLAN to work for almost six weeks and it is now working thanks to L8-tians method.
I had downloaded another driver for it to day but it did not work.as soon as i did the reboot the driver started downloading.so lets hope it lasts.

Thanks L8-tians your a star.

  birdface 23:37 15 Jul 09

Spoke to soon.Thought that I would give it a reboot before packing it away,And it is not working again.What a pain in the neck.

  birdface 07:52 27 Jul 09

Looks like a common fault with the G6000.
Another method that works is to buy a Usb Wireless Dongle and use that.

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