Wifi connection to PC by other devices

  stlucia2 04:43 AM 16 Oct 12

My PC is connected to my wireless router by a cable, and is running Windows XP with all current updates. My phone and tablet also connect to the internet by Wifi connection through the same router. Does that mean that those devices are capable of connecting to my PC via the router?

Also (the main reason for my question), if that's possible does it mean there's a simple way to connect a remote plotter (within Wifi range) to my PC?

  Woolwell 10:59 AM 16 Oct 12

It depends on the phone and tablet. Some can connect by wifi some cannot eg my Galaxy S1 cannot but later models can, my Ipad can but some tablets cannot.

Does the plotter have wifi to connect to the router or is it connected by cable to the router?

  stlucia2 15:13 PM 16 Oct 12

I don't have the plotter yet, but I'm assuming it'll have normal USB connection, so I guess what I'm looking for is a USB hub that will connect to my PC wirelessly via my router's Wifi.

  Woolwell 16:57 PM 16 Oct 12

You will need a print server if the plotter does not have network connections.

  woodchip 17:32 PM 16 Oct 12

Just as Woolwell says

  stlucia2 21:41 PM 18 Oct 12

Sorry guys, I'm just not au fait with this wireless stuff: Is this the kind of thing I'm looking for? If so, does it communicate with the computer via my Wifi router, or do I need one of them at the PC and one at the printer?


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