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  aitch2 08:49 08 Aug 06

My computer is running WinXP SP2, Norton 2006 +broadband (Orange nee Wanadoo, nee Freeserve)and my email address and my daughter's still use the settings etc. for Fresserve. Tried to put a new account for my wife, and all seemed successful. She could send email but not receive. I did eventually get her to send/ receive emails but then her email address would hi-jack my daughter's and my emails. Changed the password settings for the accounts, still no good. Tried the connection wizard, as well as trying it manually.No joy. Spoke to Orange Customer Support who led me back to where we started.Have checked every possible thing I can think of and followed the instructions but still no success. Any help or advice much appreciated as to where I go from here?

  ventanas 08:55 08 Aug 06

click here=$solution_id&docPropValue=kb3532

  ventanas 08:55 08 Aug 06

Sorry, try again.

click here

  FelixTCat 08:58 08 Aug 06


Can you give us a little more information. For example, do you only have 1 email account with 3 aliases or do you have 3 quite separate email accounts?

Do you use Outlook Express or some other mail client?

As an immediate thought, have you set up a different reply-to address for each of you, e.g. reply-to [email protected], reply-to [email protected]

If you do, incoming mail will be addressed to those addresses and you can set up filters within OE to direct mail to different folders depending on to whom they are addressed.



  Stuartli 09:31 08 Aug 06

Make sure you are collecting all the e-mail accounts from the one ISP i.e. your default ISP, from OE>Tools>Accounts>highlight each e-mail address>Properties>Connection tab>Always Collect from... (whatever your default ISP) in the drop down menu.

  aitch2 14:21 08 Aug 06

Using Outlook Express and have one email account + 3 aliases,
(1) me@.freeserve.co.uk
and also set up (always collect from) to the one ISP, but the reply to the respective people/ accounts, (me, daughter, wife). Have also downloaded Ventanas link from Orange so will check that through, although at first glance it seems that I might have to change my existing email address to me.@'orange.co.uk (which I don't want to do. However, I'l have a good in depth read first.
Thanks for the help so far,

  Stuartli 14:35 08 Aug 06

Outlook Express, as with all Microsoft products, has a very comprehensive Help section...:-)

  aitch2 11:25 16 Aug 06

Finally resolved, so she is now happy. Problem turned out to be a capitalised password wrongly spelt. Thanks for all the help.

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