Wife Can't Receive Her E-Mail!

  swanson2 17:34 29 Nov 03


Me - using Windows XP/Internet Explorer 6.

Wife - using Windows Me/Internet Explorer 6.

I can send and receive E mails OK on my PC as can my wife, but on her PC E mails addressed to her are not received - those addressed to me are received as normal!

The only differences in our E mail addresses is the name in front of the @.

There must be a simple explanation but I can't think what it might be!

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Bob S

I am gonna presume that it is outlook express you are using, in which case it is an idea to check your wife's setting's in tool's -> account's -> select your wife account and go through and make sure that everything is the same as your account on that PC or her account on your PC.

  KwaK 18:02 29 Nov 03

What ISP do you use?

Do you both use the same one and downloading your emails from the same account?

I have a Blueyonder account and my user name is something like ld004b6233 but my partners is ld004b6233_2

The _2 denotes the 'extra' account I set up in Blueyonders selfcare.

Maybe your ISP is similar?


  swanson2 18:59 29 Nov 03


Yes I am using Outlook Express and my ISP is Freeserve.

I have recently upgraded to Broadband and this seems to be the problem.

I have gone on line with our old dial up connection and all E mails are received on both PC's OK.

When I connect via Broadband my wifes PC will not receive E mails addressed to her!

Our PC's are stand alone each with it's own identical "speedtouch ADSL modem".

They are not used at the same time.

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