Wierd wireless network

  yorkie2k 09:35 05 Oct 05

My connection for wireless is set up and secured using WPA-PSK with a passkey, however the laptop is finding the network (correct SSID) but saying it is UNsecured and will not to connect to it.
Why is this happening when i know it is secure and worked before then just stopped!! Worked a treat previously and the internet connected no problem.

Why is the laptop not finding the secured network but just the correct SSID?

Any help please?????

  Taff36 09:58 05 Oct 05

If this has just happened turn off the router (Which one is it by the way?) and then remove any saved profile of the router from your laptop. Reboot the router and then the laptop. Now reconnect from the laptop. Any difference?

  yorkie2k 13:46 05 Oct 05

tried that to no avail..
Its a 3com, cant remeber exact model off top of my head.

Also done the firmware update and no difference.

  Taff36 15:15 05 Oct 05

Turn off the encryption and then see if it will connect. I think its the encryption that`s causing your problems. If it works without set the encryption up again from scratch.

  yorkie2k 23:32 12 Oct 05

made no difference, even changed the name of the network *********(wireless).
will not find it, but weirdly still finds the old one with the same unsecured message. The router isnt even configured for the old name anymore so why is the laptop still finding it?

  yorkie2k 23:33 12 Oct 05

its a 3 com adsl wireless 11g firewall router with latest firmware

  yorkie2k 23:47 12 Oct 05

could the laptops failure to see the new name be an IP assignment issue?

  mgmcc 09:06 13 Oct 05

Make sure the router is set to broadcast the SSID so it is visible when the wireless adapter scans for available networks. Also, delete the "old" network SSID from the settings in the adapter's configuration software.

  Muckle 10:16 13 Oct 05

I think that updating the firmware resets all the wireless settings to factory defaults - you may have to start from scratch setting up security.
Just a hunch?

  yorkie2k 13:58 13 Oct 05

the ssid is set to broadcast!

  Forum Editor 23:50 13 Oct 05

whose name you changed, it just thinks it is.

Look at the list of available networks on the laptop and delete them all, then let it search once more.

Make sure that your machine isn't detecting another network nearby - you might be surprised at the number of times I get clients telling me that their computers are behaving oddly and detecting non-existent networks, when in fact they are doing their job, and finding other nearby wireless networks.

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