widows xp shortcut

  slim_uk 23:39 12 Apr 05

Hifolks. Is it possible to put a short cut for windows xp desktop properties, either on the sys tray, or on the desktop. My reason for asking is that, there are three user on our home PC, two like their settings at 1024 by 786 pixels, and one likes it at 800 by 600.
Thank you.

  westwit 00:12 13 Apr 05

Check the icons in your system tray bottom right of the screen. My graphics card (ATI Radeon 9800 Pro)puts an icon there, and clicking on this displays a list of all the resolution / colour quality possibilities, with the current ones ticked. A simple click on a different setting does the trick. Maybe your graphics card has a similar facility.

  montyburns 07:44 13 Apr 05


Control Panel
Right click "Display"
Choose "Create Shortcut" (and it will create a shortcut on the desktop)


  slim_uk 12:15 13 Apr 05

Many thanks for the help. Have got it sorted.

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