Widows XP Internet Connection Firewall

  JMG 16:46 27 Sep 03

Does anybody know whether I am at risk from the various nasties out there by relying on XPs own ICF? I have run numerous checks on the online facilities which tell me I am secure, hidden etc and that my AV software is just fine. In short, what possible reason could I have for using an add on (bought) firewall, when XP seems to be OK.

  VoG II 17:29 27 Sep 03

XP's firewall is one way only - blocking incoming stuff. It won't stop trojans, spyware etc "phoning home".

There are several better free firewalls available.

  grouse 18:33 27 Sep 03

I was using xp firewall and was infected by a trojan, that has been a pain to get rid of, try zone alarm but take your time setting it up, and read the help files. The first time that i tried to use it I didn't and caused myself a few problems by blocking some of my own programmes, that was why i was using the xp icf it gives you a lot more peace of mind. grouse

  Gonzalis 19:14 28 Sep 03

For a number of years now I have been using Norton products, wether it be Firewall or Anti-Virus and they have always done me proud stopping a number of viruses and hacker attempts.

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