widows root system 32\hal.dll

  diesel1948 21:36 20 Apr 10

Got this message windows could not start because following file is missing or corupt. Please reinstall a copy the above file widows root system 32\hal.dll I do not have windows disc anything I can do to sort this out? Grateful for any advice. diesel

  northumbria61 21:48 20 Apr 10

32\hal.dll is a system file for iTunes - if you use iTunes navigate to "C" drive - Windows - System32 - scroll down to find "hal" (has iTunes icon next to it) - right click on "hal" - select copy - then paste into your iTunes folder.

  lister_infiji 21:59 20 Apr 10

Okay I didn't really have an answer for you but I'm only responding cos the idiot above mentioning iTunes is talking complete rubbish.

HAL is your Hardware Abstraction Layer, and is pretty fundamental to the use of Windows. The ideal scenario is you DO have a Windows CD and can perform a repair install.

Anyway quick Google maybe this link will help click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:13 20 Apr 10
  northumbria61 22:26 20 Apr 10

lister_infiji - thank you for the RUDE comment - bit of a strange comment from someone who then says "okay I didn't really have an answer for you but"

I agree HAL is your Hardware Abstraction Layer - on my PC (Win7) hal is listed in Windows system32 as a iTunes file type and a right click on it opens iTunes !!

A DLL is a Dynamic Link Library

In a nut shell, a dynamic link library (DLL) is a collection of small programs, which can be called upon when needed by the executable program (EXE) that is running. The DLL lets the executable communicate with a specific device such as a printer or may contain source code to do particular functions.

  northumbria61 22:35 20 Apr 10

lister_infiji - original message from diesel 1948

"Got this message windows could not start because following file is missing or corupt"

Yes, Maybe I should have read the query correctly or maybe gone to Specsavers - that still doesn't justify your rude comment. However over the years I have learned to ignore those sort of comments. After making you aware I won't lose any sleep over you !

  lister_infiji 19:57 21 Apr 10

northumbria61, I understand your comments and to be fair I will apologise for my attitude. I was in a rush (no excuse) and I mistook your post for somebody just midleading another for the sake of it. My mistake, so I am sorry.

  northumbria61 21:01 21 Apr 10

lister_infiji - accepted - no hard feelings.

We are all on here for a reason, to hopefully help others reach a satisfactory conclusion to their problems however big or small. Let us all keep up the good work guys.

I hope this gets sorted for "diesel 1948"

  Sea Urchin 21:12 21 Apr 10

Error Message 3 on this link relates to your problem

click here

  northumbria61 21:17 21 Apr 10

Sea Urchin - good find - I agree.

  KremmenUK 06:50 22 Apr 10

Each time I've seen a HAL error it's been because the HDD is almost full and has had a problem when last shutting down the machine.

How are you for disc space?

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