Widescreen resolutions

  flicb 20:37 21 Aug 06

I currently have a nice new computer with a widescreen monitor, but find that I have to switch the aspect on the monitor when I'm using it for internet/MS Word etc as opposed to gaming/watching films.

This is because whilst the native resolution is 1680X1050, I can't read the words/click icons accurately at this resolution, so I have to force it to 800x600 (yes I'm using extra large font settings etc - just trying to avoid using a magnification program). Is there a list anywhere of widescreen resolutions so that I don't have to get a calculator out and working out which resolutions (if any) are widescreen and smaller than 1680x1050?

Thanks for any useful advice!
(As when using the monitor for 1680x1050 for games and films it's great (and the font is appropriately sized - just seems to be windows where there's an issue)).

  ade.h 20:53 21 Aug 06

You should be using it at its native res (it's native for good reason; the pixels match the res).

  sean-278262 20:53 21 Aug 06

Widescreens are not yet standardised.

Try 1280 x 1024, 1280 x 800, 1280 x 960 and see if any of those are any good.


  Diversion 21:18 21 Aug 06

If you wish to leave it at the current settings, go to the desktop right click and go to and click on properties. Click on the appearance tab, click on advanced, click on the item dropdown box and select Icon. There you will be able to alter the size of your icons and the font size under the icons. And with word documents hold the Ctrl key down whilst rotating your mouse wheel forwards to zoom into the document at hand.

I hope this helps. Regards D

  flicb 08:31 22 Aug 06

Thanks for those tips that were useful (I've always altered the zoom in Word docs via the menus - didn't realise you could do it that way).

  Stuartli 09:24 22 Aug 06

Standard graphics screen resolution sizes, including WVGA etc, can be found at:

click here

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