Widescreen monitors OK for photoss ?

  supernovae 23:33 31 Jan 07

I'm about to buy a new PC, and I'd like to know whether I should go fo a standard or widescreen monitor.

I have a load of photos, and I have heard that photos tend to be 'stretched' on widescreen monitors - is this true and if so can I do anything to stop it.

Finally, I don't really watch films on my PC, so is there any other reason for getting WS ?


  Totally-braindead 23:35 31 Jan 07

I'll be interested to see the replies to this as I was thinking of one and thought the same as you regarding the stretching of the images.

  johnnyrocker 23:41 31 Jan 07

there will be in the channel set up menu the facility for either full screen or cinema which seem to work best without distortion but i would suggest an in depth conversation with the dealer.


  Migwell 01:51 01 Feb 07

I was told by a guy in, don't laugh now (PC World) when talking about laptops and wide screans; "if you want to have your photographs seen as normal don't buy a wide screen anything". I was thinking of a laptop at the time, which all seem to be wide these days. He kind of scared me off them with that comment. Hardly ever see standard 4X3 screens on laptops any more. So I just opted for a 19" 4X3 standard monitor instead and shelved the idea of the laptop.

  Rigga 11:39 01 Feb 07

I have a widescreen monitor, and all photo's images etc are fine.

It is a myth that widescreen monitors distort the image.

The only thing that will distort the image is running the wrong resolution.


  matofthemint 15:38 01 Feb 07

I, too, have a lap top with widescreen, do a lot of photo work, there is no distortion of photos.

  anskyber 15:52 01 Feb 07

Given the choice again I would get a widescreen.

My picture software (Zoombrowser from Canon) allows me to choose formats including things like "best fit" or whatever to keep the aspect ratio of the picture correct.

The issue for me is the overall height of the screen so a 19 inch normal aspect monitor would need a larger widescreen to maintain the same height and therefore picture image size.

The reason I would go widescreen is not for films but for the day when Vista is more affordable. The various widgets like clock and so on fit the screen much better with a widescreen and as a result do not take screen space up in the same way as it would on standard aspect screens.

  CurlyLocks 17:20 01 Feb 07

I would agree with the previous positive comments concerning wide screen monitors.
After much research I opted for a 20 inch model and have had no problems with photos. I have discovered many advantages over my previous 4x3 monitor but no disadvantages and I do not play films.

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