Widescreen internet browsing?

  ms6869 20:20 11 Dec 08

I have a widescreen monitor and when browsing the net some pages are displayed with text etc overlaying itself.

Can anything be done to prevent this?

It doesn't happen on every page so is it my settings or the web page?


  Technotiger 20:23 11 Dec 08

If you are seeing this overlay on this PCA site, or a similar Forum - this sometimes happens when someone has included a very long URL as a 'click-here'. For very long URL's one should always use a program like TinyURL .......

  Technotiger 20:26 11 Dec 08

PS - the fact that you are using a widescreen monitor has no relevance, it happens on any monitor.
I also use a widescreen monitor.

  Technotiger 20:34 11 Dec 08

In this link, scroll down to the last but one entry, to see an example of the effects of a long URL ...

click here

  ms6869 20:35 11 Dec 08


Yes it does happen at the top of the PCA website and i also have large blue areas at each side of the screen.

I never noticed any overlays on old monitors!

As i say some pages are displayed in full width with no overlays and it seems that the two things go hand in hand.

  ms6869 20:39 11 Dec 08

See what you mean about that page!

Are you saying that this is something we just have to live with?

  Technotiger 20:48 11 Dec 08


On my widescreen monitor, I reduce the width of the page when surfing, as now for instance, making the Internet pages similar in width to square screens. I can then see part of my normal desktop, but gets rid of the wide blue areas.

  ms6869 21:02 11 Dec 08

Thanks TT i guess i will have to live with it then, i have done for some time now but its just one of lifes little annoying things....

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