Wide Range Wireless Extender

  Kilty 13:42 11 Mar 09

Im looking for a wireless extender for collection of buildings (a small farm) so that I can share an internet connection. The buildings are about 20-25 meters away from the current wireless modem and only barely recieve a signal from the current set up.

The buildings have seperate fuse boards, but are fed by the same meter, would a powerline set up work in this case.

If there are any threads on here already about this, I would be grateful for direction, or any advice.

Thanks in advance for any help given.

  User-1229748 13:56 11 Mar 09

just typed "wireless extender" into the search box and there were a few results,definately worth a read.

  User-1229748 13:58 11 Mar 09

should have said it was typed into the search forum box,hope it's of some help :o)

  Kilty 14:08 11 Mar 09

Thanks for the advice, will look again. I dont know what I typed last time but only got 2 results!! This time got 15.

Any more advice welcomed.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:15 11 Mar 09

If the leccy supply is on the same circuit you will not beat these for efficiency and full connection at all times....click here


  ambra4 14:59 11 Mar 09

“Wide Range Wireless Extender“

How you can Boost The Wireless Signal Options

click here

  Kilty 16:09 11 Mar 09

Thanks for all these useful links. But is anyone aware if there is a problem with running the powerline through an electrical aystem that has more than one fuse board i.e. is it able to run through different circuits or is it only able to transmit on the one?

Thanks again for all the help and any more that can be given.

  Graham. 17:50 11 Mar 09

Fuse boards shouldn't be a problem, so long as they're on the same phase. Indeed, you will need to set the provided security password to stop your neighbours coming on board.

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