Wi-fi signal

  iconoclast 17:47 13 Jul 08

I have a wi-fi set up in an old house with thick stone walls. Generally, and unsurprisingly, the signal is from good to excellent in certain parts of the house and weak in others. However, at one point, I get a massive fluctuation from 'full scale deflection' through to no signal at all. The swing from excellent to zero is unpredictable and doesn't not seen to be correlated with and activity within the house. Any suggestions for reason and improvement? Thanks

  spuds 18:54 13 Jul 08

Do you have any electric cables that might interfere at certain times when you have zero rating (fridge start-up etc!).

  iconoclast 07:07 14 Jul 08

Thanks for the observation spuds. I can't link the zero state to any specific activity but my desk is quite close to the electrical distribution box in the house and cables run from there. I don't have the option of moving the laptop so I might try screening the box

  Technotiger 07:54 14 Jul 08

Or .... you could try Homeplugs ... click here

  Halmer 08:07 14 Jul 08

Do you always run the laptop off the mains?

  iconoclast 08:41 14 Jul 08

Halmer, sometimes off mains and sometimes not...but I have checked this out and the problem remains the same whatever
Thanks for the suggestion, techno

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