Wi Fi card won`t instal

  bumpkin 22 Oct 11

Hi everyone , I am trying to move into the 21st century at last but can`t seem to do the simplest thing. I want to change my existing 4 comp wired network to wireless as I believe the new router will be faster. Using Windows XP Pro on a pent 4 with good specs as main machine. I have set up the wireless router OK. Using a PCI card in the main PC, it says "Found new hardware" but it won`t install it even though it is new with the CD driver.

Can anyone help please, I expected it to be a nightmare but I wasn`t planning on falling at the first hurdle :)

Thanks Ray

  rdave13 22 Oct 11

As its 'seen' in device manager try to install the drivers from there. As it's a new card the CD drivers might be for Vista or Win 7.

  bumpkin 22 Oct 11

Thanks for the quick reply I will give that a try.


  bumpkin 23 Oct 11

Thanks Dave, tried that to no avail. The instructions with this are hopeless, it tells me to start with a file XXXXXX.Exe (example) but the file is not on the disk. I have managed to install it now by trying various other files at random until one worked.

I have a feeling that the companies that make these things are aware of the errors and sell them off cheap to dealers who sell them on Ebay not giving a toss how much aggro they cause.

Thanks for your reply.



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