why would I ever buy a new computer?

  StephenRogers 19:32 05 Dec 06

Can I just I can carry on upgrading RAM, hard drives, power supply, graphics card and processor, instead of ever buying a new system? Is there anything that i can't upgrade or which is not worth upgrading?

  Stuartli 19:35 05 Dec 06

In theory this is perfectly possible providing you have a suitable case.

Probably more interesting and more fun.

  Kate B 19:39 05 Dec 06

I wish you all the joy of constantly reactivating Windows!

  User-312386 19:41 05 Dec 06

It is possible, however, when new technologies come along, sometimes you have to get rid of your motherboard for the new processor etc etc

I think you mean can you keep the case, yes you can as long as ATX is the standard in yeras to come

  Stuartli 19:41 05 Dec 06

All I've ever done, particularly if it's a new motherboard which XP doesn't always take to, is to Repair XP.

  Stuartli 19:48 05 Dec 06
  skidzy 19:51 05 Dec 06

After a recent upgrade..well a totally new rebuild,mobo/cpu/psu/ram...the only problem i had with windows was reactivating windows.
Windows was tied to the mobo,but a quick phone call to Microsoft (freephone) this was quickly sorted out.

Though to answer the main question...how far do you wish to go in regarding upgrading.

How powerful do you want your system,how old is your system.

  jack 20:06 05 Dec 06

There will come a time when main components will have moved away from each other to such an extent the adding replacements bits becomes impossible.
To name but a few

Memory -a 10 year old Gateway for example - memory no longer available
IDE Floppy drives -all but extinct except in the USB mode
ZIP drives -who sees those now?
Processors to new mother boards
Motherboards to older processors
This will get longer.
Having said that many older machines perform very well still for basic tasks -WP/Database/ Spreadsheet/basic Internet/Photo editing

So it all depends on what you expect to achieve work wise

  StephenRogers 15:03 06 Dec 06

I'm a bit clearer now

  Diodorus Siculus 15:06 06 Dec 06

It'll be like Trigger's sweeping brush - 10 new heads and 6 new handles but the same brush for 22 years...

  rodriguez 15:18 06 Dec 06

Put it this way, I've upgraded a computer for 8 years and it's still in it's 8 year old case - but effectivly a new machine. Only thing letting it down is the graphics card now... :-P click here for a pic and you get the idea.

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