Why won't MESH Tech respond to emails?

  Rogmur 14:27 05 Feb 04

Hi Forum Members

I have sent Mesh computers several emails regarding a potentially serious problem with my Mesh Matrix AMD XP3000+.
After painstkingly writing down all of the error messages (see my earlier help request on this Forum also), I used the Mesh Technical support email system. But I still have not received a reply.
I really do not want to use their expensive and time consuming telephone support, and thought email would be much more reliable.
I would like to think that if I buy an expensive PC and it begins to malfunction I should at least receive some kind of reasonable assistance whether by telephone or by email?
I send post this to the Forum as I have had no joy from Mesh

Yours sincerely

  johnnyrocker 14:48 05 Feb 04

mesh do have a presence here so it shoul get picked up (sometime) browse for other mesh reports in the forums.


  JJCUK 14:50 05 Feb 04
  The Belarussian Mafia 16:12 05 Feb 04

Yesterday there was a woman on my local radio station (Radio Shropshire) asking for help because the Mesh support helpline had caused her a lot of grief. Apparently the computer had originally arrived with a faulty motherboard. It was then returned, only to come back with the same problem. The support staff then spent hours trying all sorts of things to try and get it working over the phone, when clearly what was needed was a hardware repair.
I was very surprised because only a year or two ago they had a reputation for top class support. The main point is: companies should realise that if they mess people around it will become widely known very quickly in this day and age! Before hearing that radio programme Mesh would have been possibly top of my list for a new computer when the time comes...

  Sheila-214876 16:20 05 Feb 04

From my experience, the manufacturers who have a presence on this forum only check the ConsumerWatch forum so it might be better to post this thread there.

  Sheila-214876 16:30 05 Feb 04

You need to contact Davey who appears to be the Mesh rep for this Forum, but as he has said, he only checks the ConsumerWatch Forum. See this previous thread click here

  Sheila-214876 16:32 05 Feb 04

Sorry that was the wrong thread try this one click here

  MESH Support 17:16 05 Feb 04

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