why will my printer not print orange?

  dfritter 17:45 22 Jan 04

I have a Canon S4500 printer and even though the ink tanks are full it will not print orange any suggestions?

  Jester2K 17:53 22 Jan 04

What does it print instead?

Is it just one shade of orange?

Are Yellow and Red ok??

  dfritter 23:14 22 Jan 04

It prints green instead of orange.

  toxin 23:21 22 Jan 04

Are the ink tanks seperate colours If so it sounds as though Red and Blue are not mounted in the correct place.

  dfritter 23:23 22 Jan 04

I'll check it tomorrow

  Jester2K 07:24 23 Jan 04

What about other colours?

  dfritter 10:07 26 Jan 04

Yes all the other colours are fine

  Geordie 10:43 26 Jan 04

I have an HP deskjet and it wont print yellow. Even though I have tried 2 new colour cartridges it refuses to print yellow. HP say that the machine has an unrepairable fault and I need to buy a new one.
Could yours be suffering the same malady?

  dfritter 10:31 27 Jan 04

Hope not but thanks for the reply?

  toxin 10:52 27 Jan 04

Hi dfritter!

Have you printed a nozzle check pattern?
If so are there any broken lines?
Broken lines indicate blocked nozzles.

  Jester2K 10:57 27 Jan 04

It sounds funny if it prints green instead of orange.

Green is blue and yellow

Orange is red and yellow

Sounds like its printing blue when it should be printing red!

But all other colours are fine!

What software are you printing from?

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