why is a visitor's"other libraries" showing up on my windows media player

  jessta 10 Aug 11

After someone went online here, his name appeared under "Other Libraries" on my Windows Media Player. How can this happen?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10 Aug 11

Assuming he was connected to your router and his machine was set for sharing.

  gengiscant 10 Aug 11

Where is here? and who has appeared on which libraries,Or is this another crystal ball job?

  jessta 10 Aug 11

Here is in my home, and his NAME (the visitor's) has appeared under "Other Libraries" on the list under "Library" on my Windows Media Player.

  tullie 10 Aug 11

Havent used WMP for years but i assume your visitor used your computer and WMP?

  jessta 10 Aug 11

He used his own computer

  Secret-Squirrel 10 Aug 11

"....................How can this happen?"

It's just as Fruit Bat has said, your friend connected to your router, he joined your network, his media sharing options were set to share his music, video, and pictures with other PCs on the same network, and you therefore got to see him in Windows Media Player.

Don't worry as it's all quite normal, and now that he's gone, he should have disappeared from WMP.

  jessta 10 Aug 11

so no privacy invaded.... thank you.

  Secret-Squirrel 11 Aug 11

"so no privacy invaded........"

If you'd like to check your settings so that your media library isn't available to other PCs on your network then let us know whether you're running Windows 7 or Vista.


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