why should i choose a dual core processor?

  martd77 19:45 03 Nov 06

Sometime at the end of the year or beginning of next ill purchase a new pc,everyone seems to advise me toward dual core processing.
I understand that with these you can decode a video using one processor whilst using the other one for other apps like editing in photoshop or so ive been led to believe.
This would suit me to a tee,but what i want some advice on is if you only run one application does the pc utilise both processors so its running twice as fast?
Or does it only use one of them?


  anskyber 19:59 03 Nov 06

click here For a summary. Dual core are particularly good at multi tasking. Software not written with dual core in mind is less efficient but still slightly faster. Its the future, in fact the new quad cores are emerging. vista is designed to run more efficiently on dual core.

Have a play here with the various single core and dual core processors against different benchmarks like games or multi tasking. click here

  FatboySlim71 20:06 03 Nov 06

I too thought the same about "if you only run one application does the pc utilise both processors so its running twice as fast" but unfortunately this isnt the case, say for example you have a 3.4 ghz dual core, you could be decoding a video/dvd with one core and doing something else with the other core, and each task would have 3.4 ghz of processing power to do the tasks, but only running one task would still only have 3.4 ghz of processing power. I own a 3.4ghz dual core Pentium D PC and its an excellent processor very very fast, I am sure you will be pleased with a dual core processor, there is more and more products that are coming out that will utilise the dual core processors.

  martd77 22:33 03 Nov 06

thanks anskyber the links explain a lot and to you fatboy slim,you confirmed what i thought

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