why not a bell?

  linguina 13:52 08 Feb 03

I was thinking that it would be a great and usefull idea to have a bell that rings (something like windows when you start the navigation ...clik) when we receive an answer to our query, wouldn't it?

I'm not sure if it is possible but if it was then....


  crx16 13:59 08 Feb 03

well you get an email notification when someone posts a reply,and Outlook express will make a sound when you recieve mail,so you only need to have OE set to check mail every 10mins and bingo...

  VoG™ 14:00 08 Feb 03

You get an e-mail when there's a response. In control Panel/Sounds assign a sound to new mail notification, and have your e-mail program check for mail every X minutes.

  VoG™ 14:00 08 Feb 03


  -pops- 14:18 08 Feb 03

I am grateful that I can turn the sounds off in my computer and feel strongly that there is far too much extraneous noise in the world already.

If computers really did make the chirping and warble noises that they appear to do in TV and film "dramas", I certainly wouldn't be on my machine any more than absolutely necessary, if at all.

Doesn't get my vote, I'm afraid.


  leo49 14:22 08 Feb 03

Perhaps for those of us who don't use email clients carrier pigeons could be employed? ;o)

  linguina 14:58 08 Feb 03

when I spend time in this forum (to lern more about pcs and to troubleshoot some problems that I or a friend of mine could have) I' like to know straight away when I get a response without wainting for outlook to inform me. I would find it more... direct, perhaps.

  jazzypop 15:09 08 Feb 03

Just hit Refresh at regular intervals - you would have to do that even if a bell sounded.

  graham 15:11 08 Feb 03

What you need is AOL! The e-mails come straight in and Alan Partridge announces "You have mail..." You could have a bell if you wanted.

  leo49 15:13 08 Feb 03

The exhorbitant fee you pay to use this site only goes so far, you know.....

  crx16 15:18 08 Feb 03

open 'my posyings' in a new window,and refresh that.it will keep you up-to-date with all your posts in both helproom/consumerwatch,those you've asked and any you've advised.

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