Why is my S-video coming as black&white?

  Mysticnas 10:00 12 Jan 04

Hi all,

I'm using a Scart-to-S-video lead to connect my digital NTL cable tv box to my TV card. The whole point for this was to get a crystal picture, which i'm getting.

However... the picture is in black&white not in colour. How strange?

I've checked to make sure the leads are connected right, and software settings. Everything seems fine.

my TV card is a Leadtek Winfast TVXP2000 Delux.

Any help would be appreciated.

  mole44 10:09 12 Jan 04

try the setteing on your tv i had a similar problem and found my tv was not set up correctely

  Gongoozler 10:11 12 Jan 04

This is usually caused by an NTSC (American) signal being sent to a tv that can only use PAL.

  Mysticnas 10:12 12 Jan 04

i'm not connecting to my TV.

It's going straight from the scart on NTL box to my TVcard on my PC.

  hugh-265156 10:52 12 Jan 04

is the scart end fully wired or is there pins missing.

should be 21 pins.

any less get a fully wired scart to svid lead

  Mysticnas 12:47 12 Jan 04

it's fully wired/pinned. I just used my graphics card instead. It's a leadtek and comes with ViVo as well. Seems to work with that but not on s-video, i have to swith the input source to CVBS. Still using the same connection method, just plugged it into my graphics card instead.

Anyhow it's working in full colour mode now, and crystal.

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