Why my p.c. does not recognize my walkman ?

  Antonio Machado 03:03 15 Sep 10

Hello experts! I plug my walkman into my p.c. through a USB cable and whenever I click on "My p.c." it does appear as "W: Walkman", but then when I want to save an audiobook and I click on "Save" then the p.c. doesn't recognize my walkman so it doesn't list it in the box of "Search". What could be the problem and how can I solve it ? thanks in advance, best, Antonio.

  gengiscant 09:22 15 Sep 10

A few more details would be helpful as guessing can be extremely time consuming.

What make/model is your Walkman? By the way I thought a Walkman was a portable cassette player of yesteryear!!!
What operating system are you using?
Do you mean that your Walkman does not show up in the right click/send to menu?

  Woolwell 10:48 15 Sep 10

I guess it is a Sony Walkman. Model would be useful and to know if it requires its own software to transfer data.

The save box should have a browse and the op should navigate to W drive which from the info given is the Walkman. Alternatively open the walkman from my pc and drag and drop.

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