Why my PC cannot connet to internet!!

  Sabi 15:13 27 Oct 07


I have a problem connecting to internet from my PC!
I use Windows XP, AOL V9, ZAISS (AV) , BT Voyager 100 and Ad-Aware SE

I am not a computer expert, so I copied bellow what I could found. I will be grateful if anyone helps me to fix the fault.

Many thanks

I noticed under Network connection list there are:

Conexant D850 56k V.9xDFV (all in grey colour)

Aol Diagnostic test
ppp oEwin miniport (all in grey colour)

Local Area Connection (with a red X next to it)
Network cable unplugged (all in grey colour)

When I compared the above setting to my laptop (which is uses the same modem), they show the followings:
Aol-Dial on Demand feature, GlobeSpan USB ADSL LAN modem, The Internet (1) WAN Miniport (ATW) etc.

  Sabi 15:17 27 Oct 07

PS: By the way I use Broadband not Dial up.

  Clapton is God 15:24 27 Oct 07

The Conexant modem referred to in your message is dial-up modem.

What BB modem do you use?

Is it connected and showing as the default modem?

  RobCharles1981 15:26 27 Oct 07

Looks like hes using the BT Voyager 100 Router!

  Sabi 15:47 27 Oct 07

Thanks for your replies.

I use BT Voyager 100 modem. I don't know how and when the "Conexant modem" replaced itself with the previous one in the PC, but how do I change it to the one that connects me to Internet???

“Dell” makes the PC
When I got it (from a friend) it had the "Conexant modem" in and I couldn’t connect to Internet! However someone helped me to change that but I can't recall what steps I took!!
The only thing I remember is; I had to create "Globe Span USB ADSL LAN modem" through Device Manager!

Does it make any sense???

Sabi :-(

  bluto1 21:45 27 Oct 07

I will assume that you've got a CD from AOL to set up your internet connection, along with a set of instructions on how to do it.
If so, disconnect all of the broadband connection you've made, including telephone, and filters and re-connect following the instructions exactly.
This is what I and some friends had to do and it works as a repair to the set up.
If that doesn't work ask AOL for help, by email, showing them your opening thread here.
Best of luck Sabi.

  bluto1 22:22 27 Oct 07

Sorry, for disconnect resd uninstall and for connect read install. Silly mistake could have been useless.

  Sabi 13:48 28 Oct 07

Hi bluto1

Many thanks you for your reply :-)

I do have a CD from AOL but I had too much trouble when installing it last time (with SP2 etc.) that it is terrifying me to go through it again!!!!

Anyway if that is the last option I have, do I need to uninstall AOL from “Add/Remove” programs before installing it from the disc again???

As for calling AOL for help, I am not sure! They messed my computer up few times by giving the wrong instructions and so on!!

Sorry to ramble but I am at my wits end and wish there was a easy way to replace the "Conexant modem" with the one for Broadband.


  bluto1 17:14 28 Oct 07

Sorry I've been so long, and yes, I'd uninstall AOL completely and do a complete new install.
You should have no fears of re-installing if you take things slowly and logically, and follow all on screen instructions exactly. Installing AOL B/B has little to do with SP2.
SP2 is a collection of Windows and Microsoft updates for your OS.

  rohankm 14:17 18 Jan 08

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