WHY is my Lappy telling me I'm not connected when... I AM??

  AngeTheHippy 07 Aug 11

Morning Chaps,

Just powered up this morning, the 2 little monitors in the systems tray (bottom right)are indicating with a red cross rather than a blue globe that I'm not online. HOWEVER, I clearly AM online and even performed a speed test which was rather good! Is there a reason this is happening, i.e. my Laptop is starting to die??

Many thanks

AngeTheHippy x

  buteman 07 Aug 11

If you are connected Via Wireless it will be using a different connection.

  AngeTheHippy 07 Aug 11

Eh? mornin' buteman. There has been developments... yes I DO connect wireless, I did a restart and ... got the blue globe in front of the 2 monitors. Strange. I did a Google of the problem and seems some users have experienced it after some updates. Usually on Vista machines... which this is.

Thanks for your reply.

Ange x

  buteman 07 Aug 11

Yes quite right with the Eh? not sure what I was thinking about.

  AngeTheHippy 07 Aug 11

8-) 8-)

  buteman 08 Aug 11


I found out what I was thinking.

On my Daughters computer which is connected wirelessly the two little monitors has a red cross beside it as not working and the wireless shows in another box which is working.

She is using xp and the two little monitors are the local area connection which she does not use and is disabled.

That's probably why I posted this.[ If you are connected Via Wireless it will be using a different connection.] And what I meant is there are two connections on her Taskbar with only one working which is the wireless one.

I hope that is clear to you as it is not so clear to me.

Think I am beginning to loose it.


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