Why is my computer making this noise?

  JDJackson 19:08 21 Mar 15

Lazarus - thanks for posting the link to the sound. :) I messed it up somehow in my first post and then couldn't edit it.

Belatucadrus - it's definitely not interference, the sound is there with or without speakers, I can tell it's a physical sound.

In this computer model, there are two fans at the top of it for what I believe is the heat sink, and a fan for the CPU near the base of the computer. The sound is definitely coming from the top.

wee eddie - we recently removed removed both fans trying to sort out the sound and then put them back in. Would that not have fixed it if they were distorted, or do you need to put them back specifically 3 turns out and then 1 turn in at a time?

rdave13 - I think I will try oiling it if it continues. If nothing else, at least it won't hurt.

  lotvic 21:08 21 Mar 15

JDJackson, the above has posted ok on page 2 of your other thread click here

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