Why is my computer making this noise?

  JDJackson 11:00 20 Mar 15

About once a month, my Windows 7 computer does this:

2">[click here seems to only do in the morning when I first turn the computer on. Sometimes I can turn the computer right back off, then come back to it later, and the sound will then not be there. Other times, the sound is there whether I turn the computer off and leave it or not. When I start the computer up with this sound and then use the computer for half an hour or so, the sound goes away.

I have opened up the computer to clean the fans, which I believe is where the sound is coming from, but the sound is still there.

I would really love some help. Thanks! :)


  stephenward121 11:15 20 Mar 15

If it is under warranty go to the company and get it done its an easy way to clear it.

  JDJackson 11:33 20 Mar 15

I wish, it's a couple years out of warranty though. :)

  wee eddie 13:54 20 Mar 15

Your link "2" is not working

  bumpkin 14:03 20 Mar 15

Dificult to say without hearing the noise or some description of it.

  Belatucadrus 16:12 20 Mar 15

I may be wrong but that sounds electrical rather than physical. Try turning off the speakers see if they're picking up interference somewhere.

You could also try the old but still valid method of trying to pinpoint it with the ultra high tech rolled up paper tube stethoscope.

  wee eddie 19:36 20 Mar 15

My guess is that one of Fan Housings has distorted slightly 》 Unplug everything 》open the case》with a suitable screwdriver loosen each of the Fan's screws by about 3 turns and give it a wee waggle to reseat it 》retighten the screws, 1 turn at a time. Working across the way.

  wee eddie 19:38 20 Mar 15

Just a thought: do not touch the fan in the Power Supply. Some nasty voltages there

  rdave13 19:51 20 Mar 15

Mine is exactly the same but on an old laptop. Sound disappears after some use. Can't get at it but as the machine is old will let it run as is. If you have a desktop have a look at this article, click here.

  bumpkin 21:17 20 Mar 15

If a desktop it could be a cable just touching on the fan slightly if a laptop I don't know.

  bumpkin 21:29 20 Mar 15

My desktop was making odd noises until I saw what it was and moved the cables well away from any fans. I don't think it is anything sinister but a backup would be advised just in case hdd failure imminent.

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