Why is my broadband so slow?

  Ridleyrider 18:41 25 Mar 03

I have BT broadband but it seems very slow. The 2 green arrows on the right hand side of the toolbar indicate a upstream/downstream speed of 288/576. Does this mean it is half the speed it should be?

Why would this be - I am not downloading music and I am only using the internet to view. I am playing music through my MP player but this shouldnt slow the internet down should it?


  VoG™ 18:46 25 Mar 03

Is it actually slow or is it just the numbers you're worried about?

Upload speeds are always lower than download speeds.

  powerless 18:46 25 Mar 03

click here and do a spedtest.

Remeber it's busy period now. So it may run a little slower...

However click here are you in the area?

  barrie_g 18:47 25 Mar 03

the speeds are correct for 512k broadband, if your just concerned because some of the web pages take a long time to load this may be down to the site you are visiting or simply the number of people online slowing everything down, for a speed test click here

  barrie_g 18:50 25 Mar 03

tooo slowwww

  Bebee 19:12 25 Mar 03

I recently had broadband installed. Speed tests showed it was running as expected, but it still seemed a bit sluggish. I did a clean reinstall of everything, cleaned up unnecessary programs running in the background and increased RAM on my laptop (only had 64MB - Desktop was OK). I also downloaded RAM idle which keeps the RAM free. All this made a real difference to the speed pages display and how quickly IE6 and OE start up. The connection speed is not the only factor.

Hope this helps.

  Bebee 19:18 25 Mar 03

Picked up RamIdle from other threads - click here

Cacheman also looks interesting - click here

I'm sure there are other suggestions around.

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