Why is it? Not really a Question

  wee eddie 14:44 27 May 04

When I am trying to download something important, my PAYG from BT dumps it's Connection.

But - If I am accidentally called away and forget that I'm on-line at the time. The connection continues and costs me a fortune.

  Fruit Bat 14:52 27 May 04

Every big company likes to make money for nothing.

so keeps you on line when not using and dumps you when are.

Called good customer relations :0)

  Shas 14:53 27 May 04

For the same reason that if you buy something one weekend, go back the next week and it's half price.

Sod's Law.

  wee eddie 15:21 27 May 04

I was unintentionally on line for nearly two hours.

Yet it dumped me twice as I was trying to log in here this time.

  Shas 15:30 27 May 04

Why don't you dump BT. Although I'm on AOL bb here at work, I use Tiscali PAYG at home. Admittedly I only use it the occasional evening and at weekends, but it's only 1p a minute. Although many may say they don't like them, personally never had any problems.

  wee eddie 16:40 27 May 04

They've got my Web Site and all my paper stock would need to be replaced.

To be honest, previous ISP's, frequently did the same thing as well.

They dumped me as I was trying to load the last posting.

What I can't understand is: Why am I dumped when I'm up or down loading, but not when idle for a couple of hours!!!

  Diodorus Siculus 16:53 27 May 04

Why not change to a BT anytime account? Or at least look at the cost of your current setup?

  Shas 16:54 27 May 04

Tricky one that. This is where you'll realise that I have no idea what I'm talking about, but it almost sounds as though it's something to do with the fact that there IS activity, and it can't handle it. Have you asked BT, or can you uninstall and reinstall? Not much help am I. :o(

  Sir Radfordin 17:17 27 May 04

You can set your computer to disconnet when the connection has been idel (sp?) for a period of time. As for downloading larger files then using a download manager should resolve that problem for you.

  wee eddie 17:48 27 May 04

Feeling better now.

Sir Radfordin: I've just implemented your first suggestion at 15 minutes. I will investigate the second - Toot sweet!

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