Why it always appears Windows Live Mail in my screen ?

  Antonio Machado 19 Jun 11

Hello experts !

During many years I have worked with Hotmail well, everything was always smooth and perfect.

So I decided to suscribe Windows Live Mail and now my life is a mess: immediately I turn on my p.c. it appears all my mailbox displayed in my screen so I have not any privacy! if I close it, it will appear again five minutes later and so on an so forth. How can I have control on that issue ? I mean how can I sign in and sign out of Windows Live Mail ? so I have access to my mail just whenever I can, not automatically for everybody to see it ? Thanks in advance for your help, best, Antonio Machado.

  recap 19 Jun 11

Try the following: Go to Start-All Programs-Startup if Windows Live Mail is here, right click it and select Delete.

  chub_tor 19 Jun 11

This is from the Windows Vista Forum

Re: Live Mail start up when computer starts up

There are three possible ways (afaik) any program can be set to startup, check all three to remove it from the startup.

  1. Start button\Run\type; "msconfig" (unquoted) and hit Enter\Startup tab\if a Live Mail process is present uncheck it to remove it from the startup

  2. Start button\All Programs\Startup delete the shortcut if present there, or delete it from C:\Document and Settings\user_account\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

  3. Start button\Run\type "regedit" (unquoted) and hit Enter\browse to the Run key in: HKEYLOCALMACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run, and delete the Live Mail value if it's present in the Run key

  Antonio Machado 19 Jun 11

Thank you recap and chub-tob !

Those are great suggestions, I'll try them tonight, I apreciatte your help. Greetings from New Jersey, in the North East cost of the U.S.A.

Best, A.M.


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