Why I can't send e-mails from Outlook Express ?

  Antonio Machado 21:30 18 Dec 10

Hello experts !

I visit click here and when I want to send a message to any ad I click on the link and it takes me to the Outlook Express screen where I type my text but when I click "Send" then it appears the following message: "Access to the account was denied. Verify that your username and password are correct. Account: "Hotmail": Server: 'click here." Server Error 998. Error number 0x800CCC33". What is this ? how can I solve it ? before I had no problems at all but then I probably reconfigured something somewhere and since then I am not able to send messages this way.

Thanks in advance, best, Antonio.

  bremner 21:42 18 Dec 10

You appear to have changed the Internet Explorer associated email program to Hotmail.

In IE8 go to Tools > Internet Options > Programs and associate Outlook Express

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