Why Have All My Desktop Icons Vanished ?

  gcs_uk 22:33 12 Mar 03

I have just successfully installed a nvidia GeForce 440 MX graphics card - everything seems to be working fine however i went thru the nVidia nview wizard (it came up automatically) and now all my desktop icons such as recycle bin, email, ie, etc etc have dissapeared.

Anyone know how i can get them all back.

Cheers and TIA

  Muckle 22:49 12 Mar 03

If you're using winXP have you tried right clicking the desktop-arrange icons by-and ticking show desktop icons?

  Stuartli 22:54 12 Mar 03

I've found that the nVidia Desktop Manager can cause all manner of problems - so I've disabled it...:-)

Can be found in Control Manager.

  gcs_uk 22:56 12 Mar 03

just tried that - it is already checked - thanks for trying to help me though

  VoG™ 23:00 12 Mar 03

Have you tried TweakUI - repair icons feature?

  gcs_uk 23:10 12 Mar 03

Well I have no idea what happened but just installed tweakui from a coverdisc i have and when i went back to my desktop all my icons were there ??????????????

How very strange - i didnt even access the tweak program

Oh well at least its fixed.

Thanks to you all.


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