Why has my internet wireless stop connecting to my router all of the sudden?

  Nightfrost 20 Nov 11

Ok peeps i really need help on this and i have tried alot of things and none is working, and i dont want to spend money on anything so i hope someone can help me, please! ok i have a second hand Acer, and for months my wireless was working perfectly fine, now yesterday my laptop wireless has decided to stop picking up my wireless router. At first i thought it was the router, but i realized that it was picking up my mobile wifi and my xbox which means it works, then i checked my laptop and it seems it can pick up my talktalk router and netgear, but it wont connect to my talktalk yet it connects to netgear which is someone else connection. I have no idea why all of the sudden this has happened, but i do know is that i need this fixed pronto. So please help me out!!!!! Thank you

  lotvic 20 Nov 11

"it wont connect to my talktalk" do you mean you can't log on at all to talktalk connection? Does it ask for password?

  Nightfrost 20 Nov 11

Well here is the thing, my laptop shows my router wireless signal, but it wont connect, yet my xbox and phones pick it up and works on them. I have logged in to that thing to see the settings of the router and all works, so im not sure if its something to do with my laptop even tho i didnt change anything so i dont see why its not working

  lotvic 21 Nov 11

Just to be sure. Is this how it is? The laptop can log on to the router and you can access the routers home page from the laptop, but you cannot get on the internet from the laptop.

  difarn 27 Nov 11


It is possible that you need to update the drivers of your laptop's wireless adapter.


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