Why has my cpu speed dropped ???

  justin37 09:45 09 Apr 04

Hi Guys

I have just run tweak xp and in my system information and at start up my cpu speed is shown as 1145mhz although i have an athlon 1800xp which should run at 1.53ghz. Any clues as to why my speed has dropped like this ??



  leo49 10:15 09 Apr 04

Sounds like your fsb has defaulted to 100 - change it back to 133 and it will regain it's correct speed.

  justin37 11:39 09 Apr 04

Sorry but how do I do that ?



  leo49 12:06 09 Apr 04

Consult your mobo manual for the section where it's located in the Bios - you'll need to enter the Bios on reboot[usually by pressing Del], navigate to the section and make the adjustment.

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