why don't I ever get any viruses?

  StephenRogers 00:16 03 Jan 07

Sometimes I feel a bit left out, you see.

(I use XP SP2, firefox (with adblock plus) norton antivirus 2003, occasionally use spybot search and destroy and adblock plus, I use googlemail downloaded to outlook express) oh and have a teenager in the house who uses messenger, and I haven't been able to get microsoft update to work for a couple of years.

I never even get any Norton trojan warnings these days.

Maybe the internet I connect to is a single computer simulating the real internet in a psychological experiment to discover the isolating effect of a virus free internet in a virus inhabited world on a unstable character like myself?

maybe I should just start looking at pornography - just so as not to be left out of this whole shared virus experience?

  Stuartli 00:34 03 Jan 07

Just be thoroughly grateful...:-)

  hzhzhzhz 00:43 03 Jan 07

neither do I and I dont pay for anything.

  realist 09:25 03 Jan 07

Me neither. For some years I was without av firewall or any of that stuff. I was making do with the XP built-in firewall until a couple of weeks ago, I then upgraded to Comodo after reading on here I was "a train wreck waiting to happen"!

  cocteau48 09:42 03 Jan 07

If you are really that concerned why not try this:
click here
It will simulate a virus/hacking/spyware attack on you system and test the effectiveness of you defences. This is only a simulation and no real viruses are involved.

  Batch 11:01 03 Jan 07

You could also test using EICAR

click here

  HondaMan 11:19 03 Jan 07

Just tries eicar. Norton zapped it straightaway.

  SB23 11:36 03 Jan 07

Consider yourself lucky. I suppose its just one of those things.
Thanks to cocteau48, and the link, I've just run the test and everything was ok, apart from my anti-spyware. I only scored 50% on that, but 100% on the other two. I even had a warning from Windows Defender (which proves it does work, lol). Avast and the others I have installed all gave me warnings.

  cocteau48 12:29 03 Jan 07

It's a while since I have run the prog and I recall only scoring 50% on one of the sections but I am sure that was only relevant to IE.
I did find that the simulated virus showed up on my anti-virus prog as a false positive and required deletion.

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