Why does this website keep flickering at me

  PA28 19:41 24 Jun 03

since the new server was installed? It's like living in a lighthouse - but it's this site only. Otherwise all is well - anyone else noticed this??

  Djohn 19:44 24 Jun 03

Think it's the same for everyone. j.

  PA28 19:47 24 Jun 03

Thanks for making me feel better - but why's it happening? It's like having whole page refreshes every half minute or so and it's driving me crrrraaaazzzzyyyyy! (well, moreso than normal, anyway!)

  graham√ 19:48 24 Jun 03

The 'Administration' is aware!

  Djohn 19:50 24 Jun 03

Yep as graham√ says, the FE has noticed and I think he is trying to do something about it. j.

  PA28 19:51 24 Jun 03

It's getting worse since I posted this. They're winding me up. Log Off and Coffee methinks...........

  wee eddie 19:51 24 Jun 03

Don't ask me. I can't explain - way above my head

click here

  -pops- 19:53 24 Jun 03

Move over to Opera or Netscape until they fix it on IE. No flickering there.


  PA28 19:55 24 Jun 03

Thanks for that link. And all Peter says in it is sorry ... not that he's doing anything about it. I'm going now, the coffee beckons and my trusty TFT (sorry DieSse!) needs a rest before it explodes.

  Djohn 19:55 24 Jun 03

that's interesting! do you know why it is effecting IE? I'm with aol and it happens to me as well, although, I think aol use IE to access the web. j.

  sgtdibble 20:00 24 Jun 03

I use IE and there is no flickering with me very
strange >>>

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