Why does Norton Speed Disk 'disagree' with XP DF?

  joseph k. 00:35 07 May 04

I have noticed that whenever I use Norton Utilities Speed Disk and then set XP Defragmenter to analyse the disk, according to the Defragmenter, Norton Speed Disk has left the disk is in a terrible mess. Why is this? Which is better?

  woodchip 00:38 07 May 04

If you have not got the latest Norton you may muck up your drive also if you are on ntfs and Norton works with Fat32 you can imagine what’s going to happen

  woodchip 00:40 07 May 04

PS if it is the latest then you should stick with one or the other not keep changing but make sure it works with the right file system

  joseph k. 01:16 07 May 04

Thanks Woodchip. I think I'd better stick with XP Defragmenter then. I used to use the Norton with 98SE, so it is getting on and it did work with fat 32. Thanks for the much needed advise.

  joseph k. 06:49 07 May 04

Actually I shouldn't have closed this string, because I've looked it over once more and it is said to be XP compatable - so the question still stands. It's the 2002 edition.

  woodchip 11:18 07 May 04

Then it should be OK but only use on not both as they use different methods for arranging the files for better speed I would go for speed disc

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