why does my pc keep resetting ?

my pc keeps resetting - I get the blue screen of death! - I've recently installed a new MBO + cPU (athlon 2400) with 512k of DDR ram.

My MBO takes both DDR and SD, for some strange reason it doesn't reset quite as often when the SD ram replaces the new DDR ram.

All my drivers are up to date and there are no conflicts of hardware.
CPU temp rarely gets over 48 degrees

any hints/tips would be appreciated

  Bluescreen 23:03 24 Jun 03

Mmmmmmmmm. could be many a thing.The only way to resolve this is by process of elimination, but we really need to know more info. What os are you running..Me or 98?Don't sound like xp.
What mobo is it?What graphics card have you got? Give us as much info as you have.

1.Start by ensuring that your ram is ok.Test in another machine. I doubt this is the problem tho but you need to make sure.

2. is your psu at least 300w and of good make.

3.When does it reset?

4.Have you done a clean install?

We're ready to help.

I'm running XP pro
The ram was from PC world -it appeared to be cheap! 47 quid for 512 DDR 2100

the psu is 300w (not of great quality I may add)

there's no real pattern to it resetting -although the trend seems to be after approx
1 hour- in all applications tho'

graphics card is a Gforce 2 32mg

Yes i did a clean XP install

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