Why does driver software keep reinstalling?

  Pineman100 10:25 14 Apr 08

We're staying with friends, and using my wife's Vista Home Premium laptop here, connected to our friends' HP Photosmart multi-function printer.

I've installed the Vista drivers and software package that came with the printer, and everything seems to work fine. But whenever I switch on the printer, I get a "Found New Hardware" report and the driver software is reinstalled.

Does anyone know why this reinstallation has to happen every time, before the printer can be used?

  Sea Urchin 10:46 14 Apr 08

Do you plug lead into USB port each time while the laptop is on? Might be solved by plugging in before switching on. And try to use the same port.

  Pineman100 13:42 14 Apr 08

In fact the USB plug has never been removed since it was first connected.

  jack 14:16 14 Apr 08

I have had this recently with my Epson printer into XP Pro
It seems to be a recent thing- one way to stop it I found was to install software for that printer from the library[Select driver from list].
I have not had this problem for some time of late so perhaps it has sorted its self.

  Pineman100 17:12 14 Apr 08

could you explain how to do that, please?

  impact 19:37 14 Apr 08

if you go to epsons website tap in your model and it wil give you any updates including drivers.

  impact 19:37 14 Apr 08

sorry wrong thread,

  pjwheeldon 19:47 14 Apr 08

I had exactly the same thing with my Epsom printer over the weekend. I uninstalled the latest drivers (which I had downloaded from their web site) and used the old ones off the disk which came with it originally. All now working fine. Updated drivers had been used for seceral months without a problem, so I assumed it was a conflict with an XP update.

  Pineman100 13:10 15 Apr 08

thanks for an interesting idea. I installed the (Vista-specific) drivers from the CD, but these were immediately updated automatically online.

I wonder whether the online update was a Vista SP1 driver, which is giving Vista (not yet SP1) a problem.

Anyone got any idea whether this is possible, please?

  jack 14:51 15 Apr 08

...could you explain how to do that, please?
Then Printer and Faxes
Select 'Add a Printer'
Follow the prompts but in stead of selecting - driver from CD choose instead
Select from list'
The the Make
Then the Model
Click OK.
When in
If you click on 'Print' and properites you will see you habe two printers to chooses from
Try one then the other
What satisfird
go back to printers and faxes and delete the original driver.

  Pineman100 14:15 19 Apr 08

Jack's suggestion seems to have done the trick, and I'm most grateful to everyone who replied.

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