why Do I need to run an anti virus scan

  arthurb 16:44 PM 10 Jun 11

I have McAfee anti virus and firewall, every ten days or so I do a full scan, which has never found any problems. Is this because the real time scanning is providing sufficient protection and preventing any malware? Is the full scan necessary?

  wee eddie 20:36 PM 10 Jun 11

The reason is that it is quite possible for someone to ignore the warnings from the Real Time scanner and download a Virus.

The real Time Scanner does not stop you downloading a Virus, it tells you that you may be at risk of downloading one, it is quite possible for one to override this warning (Teenagers are very prone to doing this when downloading Files from Torrents)so a proper Scan is recommended.

  Crosstrainer2 23:14 PM 10 Jun 11

May I add...Update your Virus defention daily.

It's like having sex without a...

Nope I wont last long her if I post this stuff but you get the idea.

  BT 08:53 AM 11 Jun 11

I've used McAfee for a number of years and a full scan on the default settings used to take 2/3 hours, but since they revamped the software a while ago a full scan can take all day - most inconvenient.

  arthurb 16:02 PM 11 Jun 11

Thank you. Now I understand why nothing has been found. I am going to stop scanning the files with McAfee and use another product instead, this should find anything that gets past McAfee. Belt and braces.

  wee eddie 16:14 PM 11 Jun 11

No Arthur B. Do not try to install 2 Anti Virus Programs on one PC.

Neither one will work and there is a considerable likelihood that your PC will crash. It's not a Belt and Braces thing ~ Each AV program will think that the other is a Virus.

McAfee is very good.

The length of time required to Scan a Disk depends on many things including: How much is stored on the Disk. What is being done while the Scan is running. How many Disks are to be Scanned.

To mention just a few of the reasons.

  john bunyan 17:27 PM 11 Jun 11

You may consider scanning with Malawarebytes or (In my view a bit better)Superantispyware,(SAS) ; both are free anti malware programmes that should not interfere with the anti virus. I find SAS gets rid of tracking cookies very well.

  onthelimit1 19:10 PM 11 Jun 11

arthurb - just to clarify - more than one antiMALWARE prog is OK in conjunction with only ONE antiVIRUS prog.


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