why do i have such a pants connection to the net?

  Bailey08787 13:16 08 Jan 03
  Bailey08787 13:16 08 Jan 03


(WinXP.Pro / dialup 56k modem)

i've just moved into a new place - in my old place i got a 45k connection speed - all fine and dandy - in my new place i get 31-33k - not dandy.

All my settings are optimum as far as i can work out.

In my last place the phone line went through a bit of a maze before getting to the point, but in my new place it's just one short modem wire from pc to phone port.


anyone help?

  Sir Radfordin™ 13:22 08 Jan 03

Its likely to be something connected to the phone line and the location from the exchange the house is. I've been to places where a computer that has connected at 45k+ only connects are 28k+ and the only difference is because one house was deep in the countryside in the middle of nowhere!

  Bailey08787 13:24 08 Jan 03

i'm in the middle of london

  anchor 13:33 08 Jan 03

A couple of possibilities:

Your new line has a dacs, (i.e. split in to two)
click here

Alternatively, you could ask BT very nicely if they could try turning up the gain on your line.

  Bailey08787 13:42 08 Jan 03

well i'm in a block of flats - maybe the line has been split between me and the rest of the 200 or so inhabitants :-(

  anchor 13:54 08 Jan 03


Anyway your first port of call has to be BT.

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