Why do certain pages use a lot of cpu..

  six-h 21:10 22 Jan 08

even when not being viewed.
I had the Netstumbler download site opened from a link, and minimised it whilst investigating on other fora if I should go for the Net, or Mini stumbler.
Since I always run task mgr. I noticed repeated activity in the cpu graph, and on closing the minimised window, it ceased!
Unexplained activity always makes me nervous - am I being paranoid..:-0 ?

  six-h 23:38 22 Jan 08


  birdface 23:49 22 Jan 08

Personally You don't need it.You have obviously downloaded it at some stage.click here If you don't use it .Delete it.

  six-h 00:12 23 Jan 08

You miss understand me.
I have not downloaded either Netstumbler, or Ministumbler.
I am having trouble finding a channel to communicate with my router that is free of interference from other near networks.
I was advised to use it by someone on the DSL forum, and they provided the link to the web site.
I opened this in a new window, and after reading about it, minimised the window, and went back to the DSL forum to enquire further.
That is when the cpu activity (about 40%) kept happening, and it ceased once I closed the minimised (Netstumbler site) window.
I just wondered what was being exchanged between it and my cpu!

  DieSse 01:18 23 Jan 08

Adverts - particularly Flash ones, probably.

  six-h 01:24 23 Jan 08

Never thought of that!
You're probably right, I just get a bit twitchy when there's unexplained cpu activity..:-)

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