Why can't I view pages?

  stlucia 20:28 24 Jan 05

My ISP is AOL, and I'm on broadband. I switch to IE for browsing, after I've logged on. I'm having trouble viewing this site click here and this site only:

The main page comes up okay, but when I click on "Market Data" or any other of the links, the blue progress bar shows that something's downloading, and it then reports "Done", but my screen is then blank.

I use the site okay at work. I've tried switching off popup control and my firewall, and using the native AOL browser, but same result. So what could be preventing me accessing the links?

  PurplePenny 21:24 24 Jan 05

It says that you need Flash Player. Could it be something to do with that?

  stlucia 08:36 25 Jan 05

I don't think I have Flash Player installed at home, so that must be it. Strange that I don't get a message though -- usually it tells you, and invites you to download it, if you need a special player.

  stlucia 19:51 25 Jan 05

I've installed Flash Player, but still get a blank when I try to access some pages. I've just realised that the pages that do this all have .do extensions instead of .html -- what does that mean?

Any ideas, please?

  Forum Editor 08:02 26 Jan 05

from Web Design.

  stlucia 08:56 26 Jan 05

Thanks fourm member. I've followed your link, but I can't find any info under .DO other than a link to Digital Outrage, an ISP offering various plans from $9.95.

I've sent a message to the Webmaster for the problem site, but it was not easy because the "Contact us" page, and some others that I can access, is displaying Symbols instead of Western text! I'll post his response.

  stlucia 12:38 31 Jan 05

Webmaster dodges the issue, will only say that the site is avaiable.

Any ideas why I can't view the .do pages, please? Also, a lot (not all) of the text on the pages that I can access is in a symbols-type font (not Thai language).

I can access and view everything okay at work, so it's something to do with my home setup.

  stlucia 21:48 05 Mar 05

I've just installed Mozilla Firefox, and I can read all the pages okay now using it instead of IE.

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