why cant i "see" my computers???

  mighty_mondo 20:45 16 Jan 06

my pc is connected to my wireless router by a network cable, my laptop has a wireless card. Both surf the net ok but neither see each other in "network places" despite running the network setup wizard on both machines.........any ideas??

  greybeard 22:32 16 Jan 06

I don't know if it's relevant, but have you got printer sharing, and the printer isn't turned on ?
That produces simillar problems on my network !

  igk 22:57 17 Jan 06

Sounds like a firewall config problem what if any firewall have you got on each pc?

  Invalid 12:41 19 Jan 06

My set up is alittle different. Im using my computer as a Host, then the router. anyone found the answer yet?

  mighty_mondo 20:45 19 Jan 06

i was using zonealarm and had to add each computers IP address to the trusted zone, then i could access the laptop from the desktop but not the other way round............i searched the net and found somewhere that told me to check the properties my cable modem (i had to enable one setting) then voila! my network is working fine now!!

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