Why can't i see C: in dos?

  galatic door 14:35 30 Apr 03

Hey all,
I am running winXP Pro and have created a boot disk using the option when you go to format a floppy. But when i boot up from it, it won't allow me to see my c: drive
i have run out of ideas why.
Does anyone know and possibly help me out?
PS i am on an NTFS not FAT 32



  MartinT-B 14:43 30 Apr 03

DOS doesn't work in XP.

What are you trying to do?

I use my installation Disk (XP Pro) as my Boot Disk, but I have the full version rather than an upgrade.

  hgrock 16:50 30 Apr 03

if you want to use a boot disk use an ME one, XP done away with Dos, you can go to command prompt from accessories though

  moore_mat 17:01 30 Apr 03

I thought boot disks wern't compatible with NTFS partitions?

Any older version of DOS certainly wouldn't read it, and I'm not so sure even new ones would (DOS was a FAT based system)
XP is supposed to be installed from the CD, so doesn't come with a disk...

All I can suggest is a 3rd party program like below...

click here

Hope this helps


  galatic door 09:03 01 May 03

is there any free ones or downloadable ones as i dont want to have to pay for summat i dont know what its like


  moore_mat 10:25 01 May 03

Try this one:-
click here

Also try going to click here and putting in


into the search box, that should bring up a few more if you don't like this one!


  galatic door 10:32 01 May 03

i have downloaded them.
i will try them out in a bit when i have a bit of free time
i will come back and let you know if they work or not



  Paranoid Android 13:26 01 May 03

Excellent link moore_mat.


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