Why are my prints now coming out so dark?

  Red Devil 21:48 05 Jan 03
  Red Devil 21:48 05 Jan 03

Ok, so I've had a Lexmark z52 printer for quite a while now and have previously had very good results when printing photos but I've recently upgraded to Windows XP and for some reason my prints are now coming out extremely dark and I don't know why.

The other thing is that I can't get Lexmark's control program to work either. Whenever I try to run it I get a conflict with my USB modem (I connect my printer via it's USB port) which I have not had with previous operating systems.

I know it's a long shot but would the 2 things be related?

If not, what can I do/try to improve the quality of the photos I am printing?

  woodchip 22:08 05 Jan 03

You could try this if it's like Win98, Go start\settings\printers then double click on your printer under colour tab check you have the colour profiles that is with printer driver if there is none in the box you need to press the add button and choose the profiles for your printer normally lighter than the rest of the files or look alphabetically click properties to make shure the files are for the printer

  woodchip 22:33 05 Jan 03

Sorry you need to click Properties for the printer

  Wak 19:41 06 Jan 03

Regarding the colour balance of your photos, another thing you can check on is this:-

Many Photo imaging programs have the facility to balance the printer output to the monitor screen.
This is done by initially scanning a photograph into the photo imaging program and printing it as normal.
You then go into the printer calibration facility of the photo program (look under File/ Calibration/ Printer) and you then visually balance the picture on the monitor screen against the printed photo. This operation sets the printer to print either lighter or darker according to the original photo.
There should be suitable instructions in the Photo Imaging Help files.

  Wak 19:51 06 Jan 03

Have you got separate usb ports for the printer and the modem or are they both sharing the same port???
Also, what info are you getting from the device manager???

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