why 5s 0y 2eyb6ard ty-5ng 352e th5s//

  Winxx 13:30 10 Nov 07

5 d6nt 2n6w 5f y64 can 4nderstand th5s 6r n6t, b4t 5 d6nt 2n6w h6w th5s ha--ened, h6w d6 5 f5x 5t.

5t a33 started when 5 d5d re06te ass5stance 6n 0sn 0essenger...

  Totally-braindead 13:33 10 Nov 07

Either this is some sort of windup or your keyboard is playing up?

  Winxx 13:35 10 Nov 07

th5s 5s n6 w5nd4-, 5 d5d re06te ass5stance 6n 0sn and 5t 14st 2e-t ty-5ng 352e th5s ever s5nce.

5s there s60e way 5 can 4n5nsta33 0y 2eyb6ard dr5ver and re-5nsta33 5t aga5n, 5 14st d6nt 2n6w what t6 d6!

  crosstrainer 13:37 10 Nov 07

Understand you....were you using remote assistance? Or have you been @ the Scotch?

  crosstrainer 13:38 10 Nov 07

Mode (press the F8 key while booting and choose "safe mode" see if this restores your keyboard to normal.

  crosstrainer 13:42 10 Nov 07

Can read these posting's :)

  gudgulf 13:47 10 Nov 07

I you are using XP or Vista try using System Restore to take the computer back to a time before the problem occurred.

  p;3 13:48 10 Nov 07

if I read this right;first bit;
he has been on remote assitance and on messenger

second bit
remote assistance has played it up

is there any way I can uninstall the keyboard drivers and reinstall it again

I dont know what else to do

(ps;I THINK I have done an appropriate linguistic interpretation of the messed up !!)keyboard;

I hope he has NOT got an infection from messenger or from being remote assisted

  Taff™ 13:48 10 Nov 07

You NumLock on the laptop is switched on!

Press the Fn key and the (Scroll) NumLock key.

  54david27 13:49 10 Nov 07

Try turning your number lock off, I think you will find that is your problem

  p;3 13:52 10 Nov 07

does the numbers lock key depend on any specific version of windows?my numbers key is locked and I am ok?

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