Why 2 headings?

  john bunyan 20 Oct 12

There seems to be 2 "beginners tech help" options at the top under "forums". Other forums have only one. Just curious why?

  john bunyan 20 Oct 12

Sorry, belay that. I misread "Business Tech Help" - need new glasses!

  rdave13 20 Oct 12

john bunyan, that's exactly the type of error I'd make. Lack of concentration or trying to do other thing whilst posting. :)

  Forum Editor 22 Oct 12

"that's exactly the type of error I'd make."

It's the type of error we all make, which is why publishers get someone other than the author to proof-read and edit manuscripts.

Our brains are very good at letting us think we saw something when we didn't, and failing to record what we actually did see when we're busy concentrating on something else at the same time. Ask any Police officer or lawyer - they'll tell you lots of stories about how people fool themselves into thinking they saw things that didn't happen, or that weren't there.

  john bunyan 22 Oct 12

Tried to green tick FE response but I just get a - sign against the tick.Could someone remind me re green ticking?

  lotvic 22 Oct 12

Click on the big grey tick and it should turn green, when page is refreshed thread is marked resolved. (sometimes if site is playing up it doesn't work)

some also click on 'Post' after making tick turn green (not sure that's essential though)


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