Whre can I get a USB 1.1-USB 2.0 cable or adaptor?

  quill 01:04 01 Oct 05

Anybody able to suggest where I can cheaply and swiftly obtain an adaptor or cable to plug a USB 2.0 device into an elderly computer which only has USB 1.1.
I don't want o upgrade the card as it is not my machine - I'm just getting something running for an occasional computer user.
Many thanks

  DieSse 01:21 01 Oct 05

You don't need a special cable or adapter - a normal USB cable will suffice.

The device will always run at USB1 speed however, as you cannot change the speed of the port - you can only get USB2 speeds with a USB2 port - no other way.

  DieSse 01:23 01 Oct 05

Just to make it crystal clear - if the device MUST use a USB2 port, then the ONLY option is to fit one.

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