who's connected to my wifi?

  >steve< 18:53 16 Mar 07

how is the best way to tell if someone is connecting to my wireless network i have wpa2 psk enabled so i have got a bit deffence but i have herd that is now crackable?is there a good application or program that is freeware?

  GEEKSTA 18:55 16 Mar 07

im just wondering, which router have you got for wpa2 security?
Or can you get it another way...?

  Woolwell 19:02 16 Mar 07

With my router I can enter the router's configuration and see what DHCP clients there are. This tells me who is connected.

  GEEKSTA 18:06 05 Apr 07

You can go into your router settigns by putting in your router ip adress with it connected. Then somewhere there should be an option where it tells you the attached devices names and their ip adress.

  do-gull 20:02 05 Apr 07

What if there is an ip address you do not recognize.
Can you get any info about the computer involved?


  GEEKSTA 20:43 05 Apr 07

erm not too sure,

If you have only one computer connected to the router, and you know that for sure, and on the list it lists more than one ip adress, you have someone connected to your router with out you knowing.
(to get rid of them you could maby turn of the router for a while to see if they get of your connection)

other wise you can always set up a WEP key, basically a password for your network, so know busy body can tamper with your network.

It will tell you the ip adress, and usually a compputer name (if they have set up their wireless network home thing.

  GEEKSTA 20:47 05 Apr 07

sorry correction nedded.

missed out a word on the end of the first line,

should be ( and on the list IF it lists more then one ......)

  do-gull 21:01 05 Apr 07

I have a network set-up with 3 computers on it, but the router set up page lists 4 and the last one does not have a name.If there are 4 on the list does that mean that they are connected right now?

P.S Sorry for hi-jacking your thread >steve<.


  GEEKSTA 21:12 05 Apr 07

Yes it does mean the ones connected right now.
If you turn of all computers except one, and then check the list. It should show one computer which is yours.

The names of the computers on your list; are you familiar with thoses names?

The one without the name, try refreshing the page, maby it might come up.

  mocha 21:13 05 Apr 07

GEEKSTA it means since the last time you turned on your router also in your routers setup there will be a configuration that say's how long each computer can keep that address. If you are worried, turn off your router, wait about 20secs and turn back on again then check who's on your network. Mocha

  >steve< 21:14 05 Apr 07

its all a learning curve mate the more info the better armed we all are.so from what i can gather it is best going to the router config page?thanks all.

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